Tips on Getting Your Baby to Sleep Longer

Tips on Getting Your Baby to Sleep Longer

Learn how to get your baby to sleep longer with our expert tips.

The need for babies to usually want to sleep all day and stay up all night may not seem like a big deal for many, but for parents, who are sleep-deprived for months, it can get crazy!

Now, getting your baby to sleep longer may seem to be an impossible feat. However, we have compiled some time-tested, proven tips to help you and your baby catch up on that much needed nighttime ZZZs.

Where the baby should sleep

Getting your baby to sleep longer involves a lot of comfort and familiarity. If you have noticed that your baby sleeps longer at night when you sleep together, you might want to consider co-sleeping. If your baby is extra cozy inside a bassinet but fusses when in a crib, you might want to place your angel in the bassinet for a good night's sleeping.

Consistent bed time rituals

Tips on Getting Your Baby to Sleep Longer

Babies love routine. In fact, putting your child to sleep with the same rituals every night is effective in providing a good night's rest. Depending on the disposition of your baby, giving a warm bath and feeding while rocking often leads to a good sleep. For babies who tend to get more energetic after a bath, you can skip that and opt for feeding and singing a lullaby instead.

Dark room

One key to getting your baby to sleep longer is making sure that the room your baby will be in at night will be dark, cool and quiet. This will be give the notion that dark means night and night is to sleep.

Drop naps

Getting your baby to sleep longer during the night means that you will have to give up one or two daytime naps. This part is a bit tricky as some young babies just can’t resist dozing off multiple times a day. If your baby is older and sleeps longer during day naps, then it is the right time to forego one nap for a lengthier night's sleep.

Move it

sleeping baby cool

Early in the day, make sure that your baby has had lots of chances to exhaust energy. Consistently play, sing, show different things, read and do more with your infant. Come bed time, your baby will be tired and satisfied enough to fall right asleep.

Mellow it down

Sleep often comes late for some babies. If it takes a long time for your baby to get in the mood for sleep, set the environment for them. An hour or two before bedtime, lay your baby down and just soothe them through talk and touch. This will help calm them down, relax, and finally settle down to sleep.

High quality diapers

Babies often wake up at night because they feel wet and uncomfortable. In getting your baby to sleep longer, make it a mission to find high quality, absorbent diapers that could withstand lots of fluid without leaking. This may be the one thing that your baby is waiting for.

How about you? What are your tips on getting your baby to sleep longer? Share some of your experiences! For more information on getting your baby to sleep longer, check out this video:

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