8 Tips to ace math exams in Singapore

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You can't avoid math exams in Singapore. Here are 8 ways to ace them instead of spending your time dreading them!

There’s no way to avoid math in Singapore. From primary all the way to tertiary, math is one of the key subjects. Many of my students have a frustrating time studying and preparing for math exams, but it doesn’t always have to be so. Here are 8 tips to make studying for math a little less painful and get one step closer to ace your math exams!

1. Start from the basics

Start from the basics and make sure you get them right before progressing on to more advanced topics. This isn’t something you can do at the last minute. Be conscientious from the start of the new school year and. Trying the advanced topics without having a strong foundation will make you lost and frustrated.

2. Stay attentive in class

When I’m teaching, there will always be some students who are day dreaming, secretly using their mobile phones or just talking with them friends. This is a huge waste of time and makes studying for their exams an uphill battle. Make sure that you are attentive in class. If for any reason you have to skip any classes, ensure that you catch up with it soon. Take notes from fellow students or talk to the teacher if you have to.

3. Always ask questions

Many students are too shy to ask questions, even if it is one of the best ways to clear their doubts. If you are looking to ace your math exams, make sure that you ask questions in class. You can ask questions during class or privately after the lesson. Many students in Singapore have private tuition or attend lessons at tuition centres. These lessons typically have lesser students, which makes it easier to ask the tutor to explain and clear any doubts.

4. Always complete your homework

Completing homework on time at all times is one of the best ways to learn the concepts of mathematics. This allows you to follow what your teacher is teaching and makes your time in school so much more productive! If you are doing your homework on time, you will be able to cover majority of the topics even before you start revising for the exams.

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