8 Times Kobe Bryant was the MVP of parenting

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The 6-time MVP isn't only a champ in the hardcourt but in the homefront!

One of the most legendary players to ever grace the NBA hardcourt, Kobe Bryant wowed basketball fans for two decades.

When it came time for the 6-time MVP to retire at 37, fans said goodbye to the ‘Black Mamba’ with a heavy heart.

But looking at his beautiful family, it’s difficult not to be happy that he’ll finally get to spend more time with them, knowing that his 20-year career has cemented him firmly in the hearts of basketball lovers worldwide.

But it’s not just his exceptional athleticism that deserves applause, but how much he loves his two girls. Here are eight times the Black Mamba scored points for being an awesome dad!

1. He absolutely adores the mother of his children

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