Time-saving And Hassle-free grocery Shopping Please!

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Mums sometimes can't find enough time to do everything. Grocery shopping for one, can take up a lot of time. With online shopping becoming more common, even grocery shopping can be done on the internet. Find out how RedMart helps Mums save time and hassle with the convenience it provides.

Stay-at-home-mums and full-time-working-mums may have some differences in our day-to-day tasks but some things are the same. We all have to take care of our children and our household, and one of the vital tasks in order to do so is grocery shopping. Let’s face it, we need to buy food, so that we can cook and feed the family. When things like shampoo and detergent run out, we have to go out and get them.

Since grocery shopping is pretty much part of being a mum, it should be something that is part of our routine. However, there are some days that we just don’t have the time to go down to the stores to get the things we need at home. We may be swamped by housework or our children may be asking for our attention.

A trip to the store can either be fast or it could take hours. The queue at the cashier is enough to drain me. My children are five years old and one year old and they are not fans of waiting. Half the time, my children want to get out of the queue before it is even my turn to pay.

Online grocery shopping at RedMart

Discovering RedMart is like discovering a supermarket online. They have almost everything! Okay, that’s a bit exaggerating, but they do have almost everything (more than 10 000 products) that a mum needs to run the household, Seriously!

Grocery shopping is easy on RedMart.com

Grocery shopping is easy on RedMart.com

Diapers, milk powder, wet wipes and detergent for my one year old? RedMart has them.

Cereals, raisins and juice for my five year old? RedMart has them.

Shampoo, body wash and shaver (yes, shaver!) for my husband? RedMart has them.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and meat for cooking meals for the family? RedMart has them.

The best part about shopping at RedMart is that with its prices same as Supermarkets, I don’t have to carry all that bulky groceries home myself. Everything is delivered to my doorstep!

No need to carry all that bulky groceries by myself. Everything I buy online is delivered to my doorstep.

No need to carry all that bulky groceries by myself. Everything I buy online is delivered to my doorstep.

Not only do I not have to drag all that heavy groceries home, RedMart has good delivery options. They deliver daily between 10 am and 10 pm, even on weekends and public holidays. All I have to do is to choose my preferred 2 hour delivery slot and the groceries I have purchased are delivered to me.

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