10 things you should never, ever put into your vagina

10 things you should never, ever put into your vagina

If you want to spare yourself some embarrassment and physical damage, read about these things that you SHOULDN'T put in your vagina!

There are so many articles on the internet about stories, myths and personal experiences of someone ending up in the hospital after putting a random object in her vagina. These stories come with so much secondhand embarrassment that they should be classified under "horror"! So spare yourself the embarrassment (and maybe also the physical damage) and take note of the things you shouldn't put in your vagina.

#1 Steam

Yes, steam! Clueless as to what it is? Here's a quick rundown: You'll basically sit in the spa with no underwear on chairs that have herbal infused steam coming out of them and well, they steam your vagina. The whole process sounds really enticing and all but there have been cases of burns and irritations. So it's better to be safe than sorry!

#2 Chocolate syrup

things you shouldnt put in your vagina

If for some unknown reason you think putting chocolate syrup into your vagina is a good idea, do keep this in mind the next time you're thinking of doing it again: sugar can cause changes to the bacteria and yeast proportions which can cause infections and lead to either vaginal irritation or a vaginal infection afterwards.

#3 Fruits and vegetables

Okay this once and for all proves that the whole putting vegetables into your vagina will make the vegetable grow is indeed, false. In fact, it's straight up harmful! Vegetables contain pesticides and putting pesticides in your vagina can actually have some of them staying there for unhealthy periods of time which can cause serious infections.

#4 Alcohol soaked tampon

Can we all agree that the cheap thrill of soaking tampons with alcohol as a form of masturbation doesn't make us feel anything close to an orgasm at all? Think twice before inserting it into your vagina the next time because firstly, it's uncomfortable and secondly, it can cause damage to the vaginal mucous.

#5 A vibrating mobile phone

things you shouldnt put in your vagina

The fact that it has a battery inside it says it all.

#6 An electric tooth brush

Pretty much the same reason at #5, but if you insist, it's recommended to use it strictly only on your clitoris rather than inside the vagina so that it results in an external stimulation.

#7 Whipped cream

things you shouldnt put in your vagina

Yes, the very famous item used in foreplay. We're not saying that you can never use this anymore but refrain from putting it INSIDE your vagina because it gets really difficult and not to mention annoying to get this stuff out, which can cause skin irritation. Instead, put it on your vulva or every other part of your body!

#8 Any sharp objects

Like, duh?!

#9 Vaseline

Vaseline or any other similar product is proven to cause infection in the vagina, so nope, anywhere else but the V!

#10 Food

things you shouldnt put in your vagina

You have a mouth for a reason, lady!

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If you have any thoughts on this, do share them with us!

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