8 awesome things from the 90s that kids today won’t understand

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The 90s sure were awesome!

The 90s was a strange time. There were all sorts of silly trends and the internet as we know it was barely a thing. Take a ride on a time machine with us as we revisit just a few things from the 90s that kids these days won’t understand.

1. Dial-up internet


Remember when using the internet meant that no one had to use the phone while you were online, or else the connection will be cut off. Downloading an mp3 file on Kazaa or Limewire took at least an hour, and who can forget those weird buzzing sounds you got when you’re connecting? Kids these days have it too good with their wifi and data connections.

2. Microsoft Paint

Ah, good old Microsoft Paint. This is what we usually did on the computer since games were pretty expensive, and the internet was slow.Kids nowadays have so many choices when it comes to apps and games on their smartphones. Back in the 90s we were satisified with just a bunch of doodles on Microsoft Paint!

3. Tamagotchi

Remember those cute little egg-shaped electronic toys? Those kept us entertained for hours on end! Back then Tamagotchis were state of the art when it comes to toy technology, and you were the coolest kid in school if you unlocked the special pets that are really hard to get. Kids today have Pokemon Go, back then we had Tamagotchi.

4. VHS Tapes

Back in the 90s we didn’t have Netflix or Youtube. If we wanted to watch a movie, we either went to the theater or rented a VHS tape from the local VHS store. Once you were done with the movie, you had to make sure to rewind it before returning it to the store, or else you had to pay a fine. You were lucky if you had one of the fancy VCRs that also had a rewinder. Do kids these days even know where the term “rewind” came from?

5. CDs

Ah, the good old compact disc. Back then, CDs were reserved only for the rich kids that had an expensive CD player. CDs were used in everything back then! Music, films, and even software all used CDs. When we wanted to make a mixtape for our friends, we had to burn a CD and then give them a copy. Nowadays kids just save everything on a thumb drive that can fit dozens of movies as well as thousands of songs.

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