5 Things to keep in mind as a new dad

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Whether you're an expecting daddy, or new father, Brill has some advice that you can't afford to overlook!

Johnathon Brill of Quora is a successful writer who’s fatherhood related posts have been published across a wide range of credible source like Time, and Fatherly. His five years as a father, and ability to communicate to the internet community has made for a series of relatable and resourceful articles.

Recently, this father/writer wanted to use the knowledge and wisdom he’s acquired over the past five years to help reassure and prepare expecting fathers for the challenge that awaits them. In his insightful article, Brill shares 5 things to keep in mind as a new dad.

If you’re an expecting father, or just a dad looking for some helpful tips for your baby or toddler, this list is perfect for you!

Check out the advice this experienced dad has for new dads:

1. They’re going to do all these things that look extremely dangerous and we’re supposed to let them

Even though they’ll probably fall down off the slide and break their little arms and everybody will think we were just checking ESPN. We have to watch them climb up the ladder and almost slip off and knock themselves silly on a slippery wooden rung worn from thousands of little Keds that have almost slipped before theirs. We have to watch them amble across the little suspension bridge unassisted, on shaky little legs, because quite frankly, we’re just too damn big to climb up there with them. Then we’re supposed to sit there and look confident and encouraging as they balance precariously at the top of a ten foot tall slide made of aluminum that’s been sitting in the hot sun all day, waiting for little legs to come and brand themselves on the scalding hot metal ruts. Or maybe they’ll be fine. Either way, you just have to let them. This is like being stabbed in the eye. Every time. Get used to it. Apparently it lasts for like thirty years.

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