These are the 3 things I am learning as a mum this year!

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This year seems to be different. What new things have I been learning as a mum this year? Read on...

I just realised that this year, I have unknowingly enrolled into 3 new schools of motherhood. Each of these schools offers amazing life lessons and the learning so far, has been tremendous. Here then, are the 3 things I am learning as a mum this year:

1. How to be a PSLE mum

Just today, the friendly lady I meet only in the lift, greeted me with a, “Oh, so it’s your turn this year.” Yes, it is my turn, finally, to be a PSLE Mum.

As expected, currently everything in our house revolves around the PSLE. The kiasu hat is well in place, and I have now started sending my daughter for tuition, just because everyone else is. And I’ve been guilty of dangling the occasional carrot.

“Can we go to Harry Potter world?” “Sure, if you get good marks in your PSLE.” Can I get an iPhone 7 = Good marks in your PSLE. Basically, it seems to me (and to her) that almost everything that is to happen this year will depend on “getting good marks in your PSLE.”

I feel bad that my daughter has to go through so much of stress at such a young age and I am hoping that the experience will make her (and me) stronger and more resilient.

2. How to be a P1 mum

I don’t exactly know how I timed my pregnancies so ‘perfectly’ but the little one entered Primary 1 exactly when the older one got into P6. So, my sensitive, delicate darling, has just taken baby steps into the big, bad world of primary school.

Need I say that I feel like a dinosaur in the P1 class WhatsApp group? We didn’t even have WhatsApp when my older daughter was in P1! How times have changed!

These days, we have apps for P1 which update the child’s progress on a daily basis and tell you if your child has been a ‘good kid’ or a ‘bad kid’ at school today. (Also hope that the naughty boy who pulled up my daughter’s skirt and claimed to see her underwear got plenty of ‘bad’ points.)

So far, it has been pleasantly surprising to see the little one grow into a more confident and independent being. Recently, she even said, “No, mum, I am going to listen to my friends.”

Mummy did get slightly offended at being relegated to second place, but nice to see the little one get her wings and be her own person.

3. How to be a work-from-home mum

And to actually get some work done! I opted to work from home because I wanted to save on an awful lot of commute time and to give more attention to the kids. And also yay, no more, “What to wear to work today?”

So far, it’s been pretty crazy, with me being physically present, and yet not really there. And on the busiest of work days, try dealing with requests to bake cakes.

I usually end up screaming and yelling, and asking for some peace and quiet, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. The house may be all messed up, and dishes do pile up in the sink, but when little hearts feel sad and need to top up on those hugs and kisses, or that boo-boo needs to be tended to, I am there. And for that alone, there is much to be grateful for.

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