5 things hotels really don't want you to know about

5 things hotels really don't want you to know about

Yes, we know you took the towels with you

Hotels are always a fun thing – the pool, the daily housekeeping service, the scrumptious buffet breakfast... However, there are sneaky little things they tend to leave out in their very informational websites. We've created a list of 5 things hotels don't want you to know about. Yes, it's very useful information!

5 things hotels don't want you to know about:

#1 Stars don't necessarily equate to service standards


Most times, the number of stars a hotel is rated is determined by their facilities and room sizes. The best way to know if the hotel has good service is by reading reviews from past customers. In other words, a 5-star hotel might just give you a 3-star service.

#2 Arriving early will increase your chances of getting an upgrade


One of the most useful information that they don't ever tell you is that if you arrive early on your check in day, you'll increase your chances of getting an upgrade. There's no guarantee, though! This is a little dependent on your own luck.

#3 Yes, it's obvious that you guys are having a one night stand


Also, it's really obvious that you guys just met.

#4 Calling the hotel directly does get you a lower rate


Contrary to popular belief, calling the hotel directly instead of going through a third party booking can get you a lower rate. This is because third parties such as mobile booking apps only give standard rates.

#5 It really shows on your face if you've stolen something

Hotels Don't Want You To Know About

Ok, maybe we should've used the term "taken" instead. Let's not even try to deny that we have left hotels taking something that's not ours. The popular choices would be the bath towels and hotel cups. The hotel staff have been working there long enough to know what a guilty face looks like.

Do you know of these things? Share your thoughts with us!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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