10 things every good dad should keep handy

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How many of these useful items do you have handy?

In the good old days, Mum held sole responsibility of carrying all the useful items in her purse. Everything that a parent or child could ever possibly need would be stored somewhere in Mom’s convenient and practical purse.

Well times change. With the evolution of the dad bag, and other accessories for dedicated fathers, Mum’s burden has been lifted!

But what good is a bag if it doesn’t contain practical, useful contents? That’s why we’ve worked to compile a list of the 10 things that all good dads should have handy at a moment’s notice:

1. Travel size first-aid kit/band-aidsfirst aid

Kids are unpredictable, so it’s important for dads to be ready for anything. For many dads, that means they have to be ready for unexpected event of their kids getting a boo boo. Accidents happen so a good dad should be prepared for the worst! After all, a kiss and hug doesn’t always cure a scraped knee, or a paper cut.


2. Spare tablet computer/smart phonetablet

Kids nowadays love to fiddle around with high tech toys and gadgets. Smart phones, iPads and other tablet computers are great ways to entertain kids during long errands or car rides. With kid-friendly content on apps like Netflix and YouTube, and educational games available on marketplaces, no dad should be without a spare gadget to engage their kids!


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