The world gets a glimpse of Jay Chou's 100-day-old daughter

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Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan gave their fans a sneak peek of their gorgeous baby girl. The photos were taken at a celebration to mark the 100th day since the baby's birth.

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan who had a baby girl together named Hathaway, recently held a 100th day celebration for the princess and showed off the beautiful girl to the world- well, almost!

Fans finally thought that they could have a look at Jay's little princess but her face was blocked by her hand.

jay chou's daughter

jay chou's daughter

On his his official Weibo account, Jay wrote:

"Thank you friends and relatives for attending Hathaway's 100 celebration. My grandmother was very happy, and after seeing her granddaughter, it reminded me of this photo taken when she was young. Haha!"

jay chou's daughter

Jay Chou and Hannah have kept their life after the baby very private and up until now, hadn't shared any pics of her with the fans.

We can't wait to see more pics of this beautiful family!

Image Credit: WEIBO

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