The 8 types of women that men hate

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These are the kind of women that men want to make disappear. Poof!


#1 The Psycho


“Your ex called. Are you cheating on me? How many times have you texted her in the past two years that we’ve been together? I’m going to skin you alive if you dare speak to her. Or meet, or text, or even think about her.”

You can be sure your man will be sleeping with one eye open!


#2 The Insecure


“That chick is sexier than me, isn’t she? You have the hots for her right? If I wasn’t here, you would totally flirt with her, wouldn’t you?”

Omg woman, where’s your confidence?


#3 The Drama Queen

“I have nothing to wear to the party! All the mums there are going to be dressed to the nines! I’m not going anymore! You can go by yourself!”

He will go. And you will end up going too. In a pretty dress. So why all the fuss?


#4 The Overly-Attached


“If I didn’t have you in my life, I would die.”

You’re like gum on a shoe. Come on, let the boy have some space.


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