The Orange Tree Preschool enables confidence, communication and creativity in children

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With its unique child-centred bilingual programme, The Orange Tree Preschool offers your child an excellent learning and nurturing environment.

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The decision to send your child to a preschool is a big one. And choosing the right one is not easy, as there are many factors to consider.

When you send your children to a preschool, you entrust the teachers — who until now have been complete strangers –  not only with your child’s physical well being, but also their emotional and intellectual growth.

A preschool is the very first stepping stone in your child’s journey into formal education. What the child imbibes here will lay the foundation for future learning and success.

The Orange Tree Preschool recognises this and provides a unique child-centered bilingual childcare environment for your little ones.

The curriculum is designed and supported by Morris Allen Study Centre and Tien Hsia Language School. The curriculum is implemented by experienced and qualified Early Childhood Education Specialists in all four, very well located, centres of The Orange Tree Preschool.

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What makes The Orange Tree Preschool a preferred choice for many parents are its focus on inspiring confidence of speech, preparation for Primary 1 and creating an enabling environment for the children.

Inspiring Confidence of Speech

Research shows that children who are confident speakers and possess good language skills tend to perform better in school and have a higher chance of becoming high achievers later on in life than their peers.

The Orange Tree Preschool supports children’s early speech, language and communication skills by incorporating teacher-guided group discussions and shared stories in the curriculum.

Encouraging children to “show and tell” in front of the class is also integral to the curriculum at The Orange Tree Preschool. The aim is to enable children to speak their mind and express their thoughts with confidence.

Find out how The Orange Tree Preschool can help your child be better prepared for Primary One.