The New Mercedes-Benz B-Class: Finally, A Car That Promises Comfort, Connectivity And Safety For The Whole Family

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Your choices were once about you. Your budget, your style, your preferences. Then you became a parent and your life changed, profoundly. Hardly anything is about you anymore—especially when buying a car. But the Mercedes-Benz B-Class promises such freedom and versatility that you really have to justify nothing when choosing this car! 

Because when it comes to a family car, the stakes are higher and you need one that fits your family’s needs. And that’s exactly what the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class sports tourer is all about. A car with a host of features—safety, comfort and connectivity—without compromising on style! 

The New Mercedes-Benz B-Class: Finally, A Car That Promises Comfort, Connectivity And Safety For The Whole Family

Good things get better when comfort meets convenience with the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class

A growing family has growing needs with space high on the list. And because your needs change in time, you need a car with the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs. The B-Class has a spacious interior with elevation seating for better visibility. Better yet, it can make more space when required. 

Bought some bulky items? Need bicycles for your trip to East Coast Park? No problem! Just fold down your rear seats and you will have ample space to load up. The EASY-PACK tailgate makes loading and unloading a breeze with a simple push of a button while HANDS-FREE ACCESS allows for automatic opening and closing with a simple foot gesture. 

But that’s not all. The New B-Class also comes with KEYLESS GO® which will sense the key in your bag or pocket and automatically unlock/lock the doors for you! So there’s no need to rummage through the pile of baby items in your bag! 

The New Mercedes-Benz B-Class: Finally, A Car That Promises Comfort, Connectivity And Safety For The Whole Family

Connectivity makes the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class the car of the times 

It’s almost 2020 so the B-Class ensures that you keep up with the times. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) has a multitude of functions that come in really handy.

The MBUX includes Natural Voice Recognition activated by the words ‘Hey Mercedes’ and uses Artificial Intelligence that learns and adapts to your driving behaviour. 

Touch functionalities such as the touch screen, touchpad and steering touch control allow for seamless connectivity so you can focus on your driving, and your toddler’s tantrums in the backseat. 

If you’re sharing the car with your spouse and you are both polar opposites, fret not! There is a fully digital and customizable instrument display, available on a widescreen cockpit. This means you can personalise profiles, programs, seat kinetics and—the icing on the cake—ambient lighting, all thanks to MBUX. The entire driving experience can change to what tickles your fancy. In that manner, everyone is happy!

Mercedes-Benz B-Class


Safety is definitely of paramount importance when it comes to driving your family around. A good braking system and visibility are just two of the many safety features to look out for in a family car. 

The B-Class goes beyond your needs and is exemplary in this respect.  It comes with a Driver Assistance Package that includes assistance in steering, braking, checking blind spots and keeping to your lane. 

The Active Break Assist is especially important for it is able to provide a warning on detecting the risk of an accident and if necessary, even apply the breaks automatically. The Active Blind Spot Assist can also warn you of vehicles in your blind spot during a lane change thus helping to avoid a collision. 

What could be more important when driving your precious little ones around?

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

So there you have it, the new B-Class, a car that is closely integrated with your everyday life, one that underscores practicality (and safety!) and is aesthetically pleasing—all at once.

If it sounds too good to be true, then seeing and feeling will be the way to believe. Head down to the Mercedes-Benz Center and test drive the B-Class to experience the comfort, connectivity and safety that awaits you and your family! 


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Nasreen Majid

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