The Ideal And Safe Temperature For Your Baby's Room

The Ideal And Safe Temperature For Your Baby's Room

Do you know what temperature you should set the air-conditioner in your baby's room to? Find out below.

When you ask about the ideal temperature for your baby’s room, people will say: “Not too cold and not too hot. You want the temperature just right.” But, what is just right?

“Just” right

The general recommendations is to set your air conditioner between 23 and 25C for us here in Singapore. This allows you to dress in comfortable cotton pajamas and use a light blanket or duvet.

By keeping the room at an ideal temperature of around 24C, your body isn’t fighting to stay cool but it’s not trying to warm up, either. It is the environmentally friendly temperature that will suit most children over the age of 2 years.

If you have a newborn or a very young infant who is dressed in a footed sleepsuit, swaddled or in a sleeping bag, please adjust the temperature down to 18-20C. Please check regularly to ensure that your child is not sweating or too cold and adjust the temperature accordingly.

A midwife trick to check if your young baby is too hot or too cold, is to put your hand on the base of their neck where it meets their spine. If they are either too hot or too cold, you will feel it there.

The secret to comfort is to keep the room well ventilated and the air fresh and circulated. So if you don’t sleep with an air conditioner, dress baby lightly,  turn the fan on and keep the windows open. If mosquitoes are a concern, attach a mesh screen to the window to keep the mozzies at bay.

Please note that neither 18-20C nor 23-25C is the ideal temperature if you are in a cool climate and are heating a room.

A room heated to this temperature is NOT safe for a baby and increases the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 

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It’s not just about sleeping, but about the safety of your child!

It’s about more than quality sleep

Keeping your baby’s room at an ideal temperature has more to it than ‘just’ sleeping, though. It’s also about safety.

Keeping your baby’s room at a cooler temperature reduces the risk of SIDS. This is believed to be due to the fact that cooler, fresher air is less stifling, making it easier for a baby to breathe.

Babies in their first year of life are most at risk and parents should pay extra attention to their sleeping arrangements. Not just the temperature of the room, but also their bedding and sleepwear to ensure safe sleep for baby.

Read the instruction manual for your air conditioner and use a room thermometer just to be safe in the first months for baby. Once you know what works for your baby, you’ll be able to adjust accordingly.

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Don’t over-wrap your child

Other sleep aids

You can also add to the quality of your baby’s sleep by using a ceiling fan on low speed to keep the air circulating. Good ventilation keeps your baby comfortable through the night.

Other things that could help are air purifiers with HEPA filters and ultrasonic cold air diffusers with restful essential oils like Lavender to ensure a good nights sleep for our little ones.

If you are unsure about your child’s bedroom temperature, please check with your paediatrician who will be able to help you taking into account your baby’s medical history.

Did these tips on the ideal temperature for your baby’s room help you? If so, tell us about it!


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