The Hari Raya kitchen – Yummy recipes to make at home

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Try out some traditional recipes this Hari Raya and teach your kids some good old values at the same time.

The Hari Raya Kitchen

I remember when I was just a toddler; I would identify the coming of Hari Raya with the panic attack my mom and aunties would go into. She would scream, “Oh no! It’s a week before Hari Raya and I haven’t made any ‘kuih’! Where am I going to find an oven? You two children start cleaning the house! Hello? Faridah? Yes. We have to run to Geylang to get some supplies! Why are you kids still not cleaning the house? Oh no! No one helps me in this house!” She would ramble on and on.

The completion of the ‘kuih’ and cookies would mark the end of her panic attack. The smell of sweet semolina cake and pineapple tarts baking in the oven would fill the entire house and my cousins and I would invade the kitchen for the first taste of the newly baked goodies. But there my mom would stand guarding her creations.

I’m guessing that it works the same way with all mothers during Hari Raya. Bake the priceless little treats, let them cool, guard it from the drooling kids who were supposed to be cleaning the house but are instead standing at the kitchen entrance like vultures, pack the treats in glass jars, and then proceed to stealthily hide these jars on the highest cabinet in the house. These carefully packed goodies were somewhat a representation of mom’s effort and talent that would be put on display during Hari Raya.

Somehow we kids would still find these goodies on our ‘kuih hunt’ year after year. To this very day, all these memories would come flooding back to me upon the smell of those treats baking away in the oven. Childhood memories make up most of the nostalgia we reminiscence in our adult lives.

Why not give your children a pleasant experience to look back at in the future?

TheAsianparent is going to help you perk up this Hari Raya with some easy-to-do recipes that you can prepare with your children. At the same time, we’ll add on a few tips on baking and what you can teach your children during the baking process.

Read on to learn tips about Hari Raya baking!