The go-to guide for teething in kids

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Become an expert with this go-to guide for your baby’s teething dilemmas.

baby's teething

Baby feeling growing teeth

When it comes to development, child’s teething is one of those very long stages that seem to never end. There’s a lot pain, discomfort, impatience – and this isn’t just for the children but for the parents too.

A child’s teething stages

Milk teeth – Anytime from 0 to 6 months, the baby’s milk teeth start to emerge just below their pink, swollen gums. Expect constant drooling, lots of discomfort and even fever from babies.

Chipmunk – at 6 to 10 months, teeth begin erupting out. At this stage, the upper and lower central incisors (like a chipmunk) emerge first. Breastfeeding can be very uncomfortable at this time too.

Molars – at 10-14 months, molars start to come out in this particular baby’s teething stage. This is the point where sleep is almost non-existent and pain is constant for both parties.

Vampire – at 1-2 years, the canine teeth aka vampire fangs will emerge. As usual, pain, discomfort and fever should be expected.

Molars part 2 – the last baby’s teething stage occurs when the baby is about 2-3 years old. The big molars will emerge and this equals to double the pain and discomfort.

Permanent teeth – Your child’s permanent teeth won’t be ready to come in until some where around the age of 6.

baby's teething

Try getting teethers to help the pain!

Baby Teething and Tooth Care