The fruit jellies that have a big thumbs up from my kids

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Check out this review on MARIGOLD Fruit Jelly & Milk Pudding from this daddy blogger and his kids.

Each of my four kiddos has his or her own discerning preferences when it comes to food.

But we don’t have any problems when it comes to choosing MARIGOLD fruit jellies which come in 7 great-tasting flavors – Peach, Aloe Vera, Golden Mango, Rambutan, Pineapple, Longan Almond, Orange and Yuzu! There is plenty of choice to please everyone.


Steffi loved her Mango jelly with fruits chunks while Stacci said the rambutans were juicy and nice in her Rambutan Pineapple jelly, and Leroy also enjoyed his “seedless” Orange jelly!

MARIGOLD fruit jellies have real fruits chunks, high vitamin C, and are way healthier choices than me allowing the kiddos to indulge in those artificially-flavoured mini jellies.


Little Louie sure cannot keep his hands off all the different jellies!

Did you know that there’s also Chocolate and Custard Caramel Milk Puddings in their other range!

It helps that these jellies are also conveniently packed in small twin-packs from which the kiddos can choose their favourite flavours and I need not worry about any wastage! Not that there would be any, for I love desserts too!

Read on to see how MARIGOLD faired in the taste test!

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