The Feel-Good-System for a happy and healthy baby

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If you are looking for nutritional solutions to suit your baby's changing requirements on a daily basis then the launch of Bimbosan's Feel-Good-System in Singapore, is good news indeed. Read on to find out more.

Health and happiness.

That is what we want most for our tiny little bundles of joy. And mums, the two are not entirely unrelated.

If your baby’s tummy is troubled or if he is not full, chances are that he will be cranky and irritable and so will you!

When it comes to our babies, we want nothing but the best; this includes ensuring that they get the right amount of nutrition every day to help support their rapid growth and development.

Breast milk is the best source to fulfil your baby’s complete nutritional needs – one that adapts its nutrients naturally to the growing and changing needs of the baby.

However, there are cases where breastfeeding is not a viable option for some mothers, or simply that breast milk or infant formula are unable to satisfy the changing needs of their child. In such situations mothers need to find an alternative that satisfies the nutritional needs of their babies and helps ensure that they remain healthy and happy.

Bimbosan Baby Cereals

Feel-Good-System solution now available in Singapore

Mums if you have been looking for solutions, but did not know where to begin, the recent launch of Bimbosan’s unique Feel-Good-System in Singapore is good news indeed.

The Swiss Bimbosan Feel-Good-System is the first modular baby feeding programme.

In case you are wondering, what does this mean, let us explain.

Simply put, it accounts for the fact that every baby is different and every day in the life of a baby is different. Based on this understanding, Bimbosan’s Feel-Good-System allows mothers to customize and supplement their child’s daily nutrition based on his specific needs.

Bimbosan’s range of organic baby cereals can be adapted to the stages of a baby’s growth and their changing requirements on a daily basis such as: if they are not sleeping throughout the night, they have a sensitive stomach, a large appetite, thick or loose stools.

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