Planning a playdate? Here’s how to get the best one-for-one kids’ deals!

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If you enjoy taking your kids and their friends out for fun activities, then you will love the Entertainer app, which brings to you some of the best one-for-one deals for kids' activities in Singapore.

Our kids just love doing “fun stuff”, whether it is painting, swimming, baking, or simply tumbling in well-padded indoor playgrounds.

Truth be told, we actually love doing all these activities and more with our kids. This is when we get to witness their smiling faces, as they happily carry on learning something new or acquiring a new skill while having oodles of fun.

However, more often than not, our kids don’t want to do these activities alone. They want their sibling, their cousin or a friend to come along.

Now, that would be no problem at all, except, if we were to add up all the weekend and holiday activities for our kids and their little companions, it would total up to a pretty tidy sum of money.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get amazing buy-one-get-one-free deals for all the activities that our kids love doing?

Well now we can, courtesy the Entertainer!

The entertainer Singapore

The Entertainer makes fun with friends affordable

The Entertainer is an easy-to-use app, the premise of which is really simple: for every item that you buy, you get another one free. So if you were to buy one admission to a play area, you will get another additional admission absolutely free.

Take another example, if you were to buy one main meal at a restaurant via the Entertainer, you will get another main meal at the same restaurant for free.

And there is no need to worry mums — there are no hidden catches or costs to any purchase made via the Entertainer.

The Entertainer Singapore

The Entertainer app is available for iOS and Android via Apple, Google Play and Samsung Apps.

The app features convenient access to offers, a simple redemption process, location-based search and a savings tracker.

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