The next stage – is your little one ready to cross the diaper milestone?

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As your baby grows and begins to move independently, it’s time for her to cross another special milestone – the diaper milestone.

Looking at your precious baby munching away on a first taste of solid foods, it’s hard to imagine where the time goes. It seems like only yesterday when you had just given birth, nursing a newborn from the comfort of a hospital bed.

Now you have a lively, babbling little baby who is starting to move independently, probably sitting with or without support, and enjoying rolling over. And, just think, in a few short months, she’ll be crawling!

It’s not just these physical milestones that we remember though. Sure, they are the most precious – that first smile or cooing sound as you gently play with your little one on the changing table is certainly hard to beat.

But I’m sure you also remember the time you wanted to dress your baby in her favourite onesie, only to find it no longer fit… or the time when you were cleaning out a drawer and found one of her very first diapers and thought, “How teeny-tiny my baby used to be!”

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It’s not just the physical milestones we remember, it’s all the special little moments we experience with our baby.

Yes… those are the little moments that we’ll keep close to our hearts forever.

It isn’t surprising then that some mummies keep a box full of little mementos to remember those special milestones: a lock of hair from a first haircut, a small newborn diaper or a particularly ‘magical’ teething ring!

Now that your baby is on the move though, it’s time for her to cross another special milestone – the diaper milestone.

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