Toddler Tips: Baby's Big Move From Cot To Bed

Toddler Tips: Baby's Big Move From Cot To Bed

Make the move from cot to bed exciting and safe for your child.

One exciting milestone in a toddler’s life is moving from cot to bed. Although it is tricky for parents and frightening for some kids, the big move is needed to encourage a child to be independent. It might also be a necessity if there's a new baby on the way.

Is your child ready?

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Before moving the baby from cot to bed, you must ensure the readiness of your child. Does your child show obvious signs of independence? Can your child climb on and off the bed with ease?

While many parents usually shift their child to a bed at ages 2 to 3, there really is no correct age on when to make the transfer. Other parents also make the move based on their child’s height and weight.

If the transition is due to the arrival of a younger sibling, you may want to make the move 6 to 8 weeks prior to prevent the toddler from feeling displaced due to the new baby.

However, as long as you think your child is ready and comfortable with it, the big move can be done.

Are the bed and room safe?

Toddler Tips: Baby's Big Move From Cot To Bed Image source: iStock

Before you start moving baby from cot to bed, inspect the bed and the room where your child will be sleeping in.

It is of utmost importance to address all safety issues to avoid any accidents. Remove potential hazards in the room such as window blinds with long cords. Electrical appliances should be switched off and wires tucked away.

Other home improvements should also be done, like putting a child latch on easily opened low windows and fixing unsteady furniture.

When you are looking to buy that perfect bed, try to avoid bunk beds. Even if you let your child sleep on the bottom bed, it is very likely that he will climb up the top bunk when you are not around.

As for the position of the bed, have it flushed against the wall to minimise falls. Don't forget to install a removable safety rail guard to prevent your child from rolling off the side of the bed.

Make the transition easier for everyone

Toddler Tips: Baby's Big Move From Cot To Bed Image source: iStock

When you want your child to move from cot to bed, take these steps to persuade your toddler to fully cooperate with you:

 Amp up the excitement – Show your child that you are excited about this milestone by telling fun stories of your own transition from cot to bed. Praise your child and make comments about how grown up he is, and how proud you are of him for moving into the big bed.

Celebrate the big move – Make a big buzz on the day by inviting some of your child’s playmates for a tea party or an outing to the zoo.

Encourage participation – Ask your child to pick out the bed sheets and room decoration to make the big move even more exciting.

• No other changes - Stick with old rituals and routines as much as possible. Avoiding other possible stressors will make the move easier for everyone involved.

Your child may or may not like the idea of moving. When met with resistance, always offer a lot of encouragement and avoid scolding your child as it will only make the move harder for both of you. Sooner or later, he will enjoy sleeping on his own bed.

For more tips on how to make the move from cot to bed, watch this video:

How did you convince your child to sleep on a bed? Tell us about your experience by leaving a comment.

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