The numerous benefits of ballet for children

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Have you considered ballet classes for your little one? If not, here's all you need to know about the benefits ballet has to offer children.


Has your little one always wanted to be a ballerina?

Has your little one always wanted to be a ballerina?

Has your little one always longed to wear a frilly tutu and have her own satin shoes? If so, you might like to consider ballet as an enrichment option for her.

Ballet is one of the most graceful forms of dance. It has been around for centuries and has produced some of the most talented and awe-inspiring performers of all time – also called Prima Ballerinas.

If you watch a ballerina – not only when she’s performing, but offstage too – you will most definitely find yourself marveling at her poise and grace.

Not only is ballet a joy to watch, it also has a range of benefits for those who take up this dance programme.

Ballerinas have amazing poise and grace - two of the first things little ones learn in ballet class

Ballerinas have amazing poise and grace – two of the first things little ones learn in ballet class

Age-appropriate ballet lessons are available and children can learn much more than just coordination and movement.

Physical benefits

Ballet is a wonderful way for young children to gain muscular strength, become more supple and, stay lithe and fit.

One of the first things little ones learn in class is how to stand correctly and walk gracefully.

These skills, learnt at a young age, stay with your child forever and help her grow into a limber and elegant adult.

benefits of ballet for children

Ballet will help kids to stay agile and develop strong muscles.

Once your child starts ballet classes, you will notice that their body awareness, self-control, coordination skills and balance improve tremendously. Bad posture among children who study ballet is usually unheard of.

The wide range of ballet movements like the heart-rate accelerating pirouettes and leaps improve cardiovascular health.

What’s more, a child who learns ballet from an early age finds it easier to adapt to other styles of dancing such as jazz and contemporary dancing.

Ballet is also a wonderful way for a hyperactive child to release pent-up energy in a way that is beneficial not only creatively and physically, but also emotionally and socially as well.

Emotional benefits

The benefits of ballet aren’t just physical. Children who study ballet develop emotionally in many ways too.

Many parents of shy children who study ballet say that they notice immense improvement in their child’s confidence.

This comes from performing on stage with other children and also performing alone. Children feel proud and accomplished when they perform on stage and this in turn boosts their self-esteem.

benefits of ballet for children

Kids gain confidence performing in front of an audience.

This self-esteem then extends to other areas in life and results in children being more self-assured right through their childhood and adulthood.

Such children also learn to express themselves better by using their bodies and facial expressions to narrate a story and express emotions.

Learning how to be expressive earlier in life helps hormonal teenagers better with the pressures they may face, and allow them to be open about their emotions with both their parents and teachers.

Ballet movements also require focus and concentration to complete and perfect. Children who acquire these skills automatically use them in their studies and in daily lives.

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