The baby naming process - getting inspired

The baby naming process - getting inspired

If you are running out of ideas on how to choose the perfect name for your baby, here are some suggestions from parents who have been there and done that.

What should I name my baby?

What should I name my baby?

The naming process is a very special time for parents of the new-born.  It starts way before the baby is born! The name you choose for this little one needs to satisfy both the father and mother. It also needs to be unique and not too difficult to pronounce. It should also be kept in mind that the name chosen for the new born should not be so different that they will grow up to regret your decision. In some circumstances, the name also needs to satisfy the grandparents and relatives of the baby’s parents. So, how do these excited new parents decide on a name that makes all parties involved happy?

A poll was conducted on The AsianParent’s Facebook page on the ways readers chose names for their children. Here are some suggestions.

Mishel Alinsug Monarquia: I researched through books and the internet, taking into consideration the initials, the way it sounded and whether the name had a foreign translation.

Beth Sta Ana Villanueva:  By my fave actress 🙂

Bro Bear: Temple, book and parents.

Jill Ramirez Balcos: I combined my fave actress and colour 🙂

Nurfal Love: Book n with proper translation from expert into meaningful name.

Serena Wee-Koh: Books, Google, with criteria that the name is short (6 letters or less) and the combination of the initials, and importantly the meaning of the name. Oh, and names that are easily twisted into something awful are rejected too.

Yun Huda: Translated my brother’s 1st name into English & 2nd name is hubby’s own creativity.

Jacqueline Bong: Internet, with criteria easy to pronounce n the meaning.

Lavendar Jasmine: From a Hong Kong Movie. My son name is using hubby initial.

Umie Watie: Book with good meanings.

Carolyn Hawkinson Pruett: Our son was 14 years old when we adopted him from China. We are native English speakers, so we wanted a name he could easily pronounce since he speaks Mandarin. We asked him if he LIKED the name (yes) and then his Chinese name (one of them is Long = dragon in Mandarin) is his middle name and he has our Irish last name, LOL. His nickname is Xiao Long (little dragon). Not a traditional baby naming story, but older orphans need families too =0).

Aisah Jalil: I chose Baby’s 1st name, while Hubby came up with her 2nd. 1st name was via research, while 2nd name was Hubby’s own creation. Her 1st name initial is same as mine, while her 2nd name initial is the same as Hubby’s 🙂

Jay Yip: Nobody said “fengshui master”?

Grace Chua: Chinese name from fengshui master, English name just struck me while I. Was sleeping.. I have settled for Damien but woke up. Suddenly one night and mumbled Javien to myself.. the rest is history.. Same for no. 2 too. Went with a J and somehow Jerissa came out.

Lorraine Wong: Biblical names

Steph Gan: English name derived from e fact that she was extremely receptive to e call of birds when in utero. Also I thought she was a boy, hence affectionately nicknamed her 大鸟 (Big Bird) before e scan showed otherwise. Chinese name is a sentiment we want her to harbor throughout life.

Joan Tan Yin Ling: Batman movie

Tay YL: Fengshui Master, based on Eight Characters

Marissa Britanico Guinto: Based on my name combined with their dad

Dracus Rasgo: from the UNDERWORLD movie

Mers Banzon Prospero: me and my husband chose the name of our kids

Mansha Vasnani Pia Sawlani: Downloaded an iPhone app on Indian names and chose after consulting priest on initials! Technology at ur fingertips.

David Moses Heng: Biblical and Hebrew names.

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