The over-use of smart phones can cause a permanent ‘pain in the neck’

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Text neck, iSlouching and iGrinding - are these even real words?? We explain what these are and also show you how to avoid them. Keep reading!

Did you ever stop to wonder that looking down to check your phone could be causing permanent damage to your spine? It may seem far-fetched, but it is true. You don’t check your phone just once a day do you? Reports suggest that the average person looks at their phone 110 times a day.

 text neck, iSlouching and iGrinding

Many children complain of neck pain as a result of excessive use of smart phones.

This doesn’t apply to us adults alone. Many children are reported to be complaining of neck, back and shoulder pain. These complaints have left many parents perplexed, but a Florida-based doctor Dr. Matt Herba says that these pains could become permanent with the extensive use of smart phones and tablets.

What are iSlouching and iGrinding?

The term iSlouching refers to when a person slumps over their phone or tablet when reading texts or playing games, causing the head to sit further forward and add pressure to their spine.

Dr. Matt herba claims that many people, specially children are complaining of neck pains and if care is not taken this could become a permanent ‘pain in the neck’ leading to irreversible damage to the cartilage and tissue between the vertebrae.

 text neck, iSlouching and iGrinding

iSlouching is when someone slouches over a phone or a tablet.

Another situation that has been bought to light by orthodontists is a rise in children complaining about pain in their jaws. It was found that children tend to unconsciously grind their teeth while playing games. This leads to jaw damage – dubbed iGrinding.

iSlouching and iGrinding over a period of time can cause a condition called repetitive strain injury (RSI). RSI is a term used for various kinds of injuries to muscles, tendons or nerves caused by repetitive movement of a part of the body. However it has still not been scientifically proven that playing games or using a smart phone can cause RSI.

Continue reading to find out about text neck and how to prevent iSlouching and iGrinding…

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