Teenage mothers on the rise

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Sexually active teenagers aren't just causing headaches for their parents -- find out why the increasing number of teen pregnancies has experts concerned.

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Growing pains are part of the process of being a teenage girl, although the rising number of Malaysian teenage girls getting pregnant is giving both parents and healthcare experts cause for concern.

“One teenage pregnancy case a day”

It is reported that more teenage girls are getting pregnant, with at least one case daily being recorded in a major hospital within the country.

According to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital’s social welfare officer, Nural Azizah Jafar, she has been seeing one case of teenage pregnancy daily, so far in 2012. She went on to elaborate:

“The highest number of referrals I have had in a day so far was 14.” stated Jafar, who also handles cases involving rape and sex abuse victims at the hospital. It seems that most of the cases are referred to the hospital by local clinics.

High health risks for teenage mothers

Due to the developing condition of their physiques, teenage girls are more likely to suffer pregnancy related complications than older women who give birth.

Some may not be aware that they are pregnant, as Nurul Jafar reports that the very young girls are admitted complaining of stomach pains.

However, after tests and screenings do confirm that the girls are pregnant, the hospital provides medical treatment and refers them to the Social Welfare Department.

 How to talk to your teenager about sex

Whether you have a daughter or son, a discussion about sex is something every parent should properly do. Although talking about sex involves an “ick factor,” think of this like any other important topic you cover with your child. Set clear expectations for her and open the door for open and frank two-way communication.

Source: The Star

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