Take your vacation a notch higher with a fun-filled family cruise!

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Have you and your family been itching to get away? Chan Brothers Travel has the perfect vacation for you, a fun-filled family cruise!


Have you ever zoned out in the middle of a meeting, wishing you were by the sea enjoying the view with your family? Or perhaps, you’ve taken a second or two from work to imagine yourself getting a relaxing massage with your partner.

Such thoughts often find their way into your mind when you’re stressed out and in need of a vacation. Don’t ignore them!

In fact, act on your thoughts and make it happen! A family vacation not only allows one to escape the hustle and bustle of life, but it gives everyone enough down time to recharge while bonding with each other.

Travel experts from Chan Brothers Travel makes it easy for families to do just that as they’ve come up with vacation packages perfect for Singaporean families.

With 50 years of experience tucked under their belt, Chan Brothers Travel is well-known for planning family vacations that accommodate the different ages, needs, and wants of each family member .

Whether travelling by land, air or sea, Chan Brothers Travel offers a luxurious travel experience coupled with excellent customer care.


All aboard an exciting and fun-filled family cruise

With the Singaporean family in mind, Chan Brothers Travel has come up with a family vacation that entails a luxurious and fun-filled cruise.

Gone are the days when families would stuff themselves into vehicles or into plane seats, while counting down the minutes until they arrive to their destination. With the family cruise package, it isn’t just about the destination, it’s about the journey as well.

In partnership with Royal Carribean International, families should prepare themselves for a form of travel unlike any other.

As soon as they step aboard the cruise, mum, dad, and the children are sure to be welcomed with warm smiles and will begin to see why booking the family cruise was an excellent choice.


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