Horrific Sydney gang rape of a 16-year-old girl involved 8 men

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Shockingly, fathers and husbands were involved, too. Read more about what happened in this article, including tips on how fathers can help teach their sons to grow up respecting the rights of women and girls.

sydney gang rape

Sydney gang rape of teenage girl: One slip of a girl against eight men – what chance did she stand?

Earlier this week in Sydney, Australia, police on a regular graffiti operation seized a GoPro camera as part of their investigations. They were not prepared for the horrific footage they saw on the video, though.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), “The footage allegedly depicts an unconscious or semi-conscious 16-year-old girl being raped by multiple offenders at a party in St Clair in May this year.”

Police reports say that up to eight males were in the room, with a number of them raping the girl on the night of May 22.

Based on the video, detectives from the Child Abuse Squad tracked down the rapists, says the SMH.

Meanwhile, The Australian quotes Detective Chief Inspector Peter Yeomans as saying, “I had a number of my investigators looking at this and they were horrified at what they saw in this footage. It’s horrible. It’s terrible what happened to this young girl.”

A 17-year-old boy was arrested on Wednesday 14 October, along with four other men aged between 22 and 25. They have all been reportedly charged with a range of offences including aggravated sexual assault in company and aggravated indecent assault.

Shocking details emerge

Superintendent Yeomans reportedly told 2GB radio that the girl was small-framed and it is understood that her drink had been spiked:

“This girl is a very slight framed girl and these are very large framed men and, look, some of these adult males are married with children. It was quite obvious to investigators when viewing this footage that the child was either unconscious or semi-conscious during these assaults.”

The girl is now receiving counselling. It is understood she didn’t report the rape after it happened due to her lack of memory and fear of reprisal.

The four men were to appear in court yesterday (15 October), while the teenager was to appear in the Children’s Court.

On the next page — why we need to start teaching our boys to respect women and tips on how to do this.