5 sweet reasons why you deserve a special photoshoot with your child

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Your child is growing up so fast and one day she won't be so little anymore. Although you may have snapped hundreds of selfies on your handphone, it's just not the same as getting a professional photographer to capture those precious moments

Mums, when was the last time you took a really nice picture of yourself?

That blurry bathroom selfie with the streaky mirror, or that unflattering passport picture where you look like you haven’t slept in two weeks (well, probably because you really haven’t!) doesn’t count.

We are so busy cooking, cleaning, taking care of everyone, working and also feeling insecure about the way we look that when we get the chance to capture those precious memories of our little ones on camera, we are usually missing from the pictures.

Years down the road from now and you’re looking through the hundreds of shaky photos you snapped of your tot eating a bowl of yogurt, or of her first time at the beach, or your family’s fun-filled vacation, you might wish that you were confident enough to be in frame too, or at least had someone around to take picture perfect shots of the two of you together.

Wandersnap, photoshoot

Tough cookies or sweetie pies? Have fun coming up with different themes and poses together for the photoshoot! (Photos by Calvin Bong from WanderSnap)

We might not all be Kim K with her entourage of makeup artists, hair stylists, bodyguards and paparazzi documenting our every move from all angles with their fancy cameras — but it is not impossible to find a professional photographer to help plan a lovely photoshoot just for you and your little one.

So put that smartphone down, step away from the selfie stick, forget about Photoshop, and check out our list of 5 sweet reasons why you DESERVE a proper mother and child photoshoot handled by professionals.

1. Great opportunity to bond

Before you even go for your photoshoot, you and your child can have fun shopping together for new outfits or thinking of themes.

Where will the shoot be held? What should you wear? How should you pose?

Let your little one decide and you may just be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Have a great bonding experience before and during the photoshoot and smile fondly about this special time you shared every time you look at the beautiful pictures.

Wandersnap, photoshoot

Sometimes we forget just how fast time flies, and soon our little ones won’t be so little anymore! (Photo by Calvin Bong from WanderSnap)

2. Celebrate the little things in life

You don’t have to wait until it’s someone’s birthday, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, or a family reunion before hiring a professional photographer to take quality pictures of you and your loved ones.

Get someone who knows what they’re doing with the camera to follow you for your bub’s first trip to the beach, or your little girl’s first ballet recital, perhaps even for junior’s sports day event in school — or simply just because!

Everyday with your child should be a celebration as you enjoy this beautiful blessing in your life.

3. Your child won’t stay little forever

Didn’t it feel just like yesterday when your little one was still a babbling baby, sucking on her own toes while flashing you a toothless, gummy smile?

Now she’s an active threenager or a sassy fournado, you wonder how the time flew by and find yourself sobbing quietly while clutching onto her old pacifier as you’re giving her nursery a full makeover one day.

Dry your tears and be happy that your bub has made it this far and still has a long way to go until she’s ready to spread her wings and leave the nest.

Why do mums deserve a special photoshoot? Keep reading to find out more!

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