This surprising habit could be damaging your hair

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It often goes unnoticed but this simple everyday habit may be causing long-term damage to your hair. Read on to find out more!

Who doesn’t want lush, bouncy locks, right? But there are certain habits, which often seem harmless and inconsequential, that contribute to hair thinning and damage.

At least that’s what Francis Catanese at Art and Autonomy in New York City revealed to Yahoo Health.

One of their stylists revealed a new trick to save hair from breaking or shedding: being mindful of how you sling on your bag.

Yes, you read that right.

photo: Pixabay

photo: Pixabay

The wear and tear of bag straps pulls on strands, making hair follicles weaker and, in some cases, yanking them out completely.

One way to keep this from happening is to use tote bags, which are luckily increasing in popularity, when you aren’t planning to bring a lot of things.

But, if you do need to lug around a larger bag, be mindful of keeping hair from getting stuck under the strap.

Move your hair out of the way or clip a section of it before slinging a bag over your shoulder.

It’s as simple as that.

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