7 timeless comic book superhero role models for your kids

7 timeless comic book superhero role models for your kids

These caped crusaders and masked vigilantes are great role models for your kids!

Superheroes are as much a part of popular culture as ever. Think about it, a movie with a superhero comes out pretty much every other month. Nowadays, superhero movies are as ubiquitous as Spaghetti Westerns in the 1960s or big budget action movies in the 1980s.

With ever growing exposure and the influence of the internet and media, your kid is probably all too familiar with superhero movies and superhero lore. So, as parents, your natural reaction is to ensure that one of your kids’ major interests is age-appropriate.

Gritty superheroes like Deadpool, Daredevil, and Hellboy may be a bit much for your impressionable youngster. Not to worry, Mom and Dad. You don’t have to ban your kids’ toy web shooters and batarangs just yet.

Recently Orzzz assembled a list of kid-friendly superheroes that serve as strong role models for your kids. While we enjoy their list, we had some revisions and opinions of our own. That said, we took the liberty of assembling our own list of superheroes that are fit to serve as role models for your children.

These are the seven superheroes your kids can look up to. Excelsior!!!

1. Spider-Man


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is a great role model for kids. He dealt with adversity when his Uncle Ben was taken from him. He’s frequently an honor student and loves to apply his knowledge of science to his life of crime fighting. He expresses his artistic side through photography. Plus, he lives his life by the most quoted line in all of comic books:

“With great power, comes great responsibility”

Sounds like a solid role model for kids.


2. Wonder Woman

woner woman

If you think that superhero lore is strictly for boys—you’d be wrong. Wonder Woman has been a part of the superhero scene since the Golden Age of comics and has been inspiring young women to defy gender stereotypes ever since. She’s strong, morally sound, and can go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel.

Wonder woman isn’t just a valuable role model for your daughter, she’s a role model for your son!


3. Captain America

captain america

Captain America isn’t the most powerful guy in the Marvel universe, but he’s one of the most noble. He’s always looking out for the good of his fellow man, which is a good lesson in teamwork for your kids. He’s also the best leader in the world of superheroes.

Leadership skills, team building and management skills, a strong sense morality—your kids can learn a lot from Cap. Plus, he’s got an awesome shield!

4. Charles Xavier (Professor X)

7 timeless comic book superhero role models for your kids

Arguably the most lethal and powerful telepath in all superhero lore. He’s also an invaluable figure for paraplegic and disabled people everywhere. A strong patriarchal figure with amazing team building and social skills. He’s a great role model for everyone. He’s wise and noble and only wants the best for everyone—mutants and humans alike. An incredible figure for any kid.


5. The Flash


Barry Allen is a forensic scientist who works hard for the greater good of society. Oh, he’s also the fastest thing in the universe. Under his tutelage, kids are encouraged to study applied sciences, understand the justice system and morality, and even get some exercise trying to be as fast as The Red Streak. Sounds like the kind of guy I’d want my kids to hang around.


6. Superman


It’s hard to dispute anything this humble, noble, and all-powerful icon brings to the table. Sure he’s faster than a speeding bullet, but he’s also the epitome of morality and good in comics. The true sign of peace and justice. He’s a noble knight in red and blue armor. Kids could find a lot worse role models than the man of steel.


7. Robin


Okay, so he’s not really a superhero and he’s definitely not as cool as his bat themed leader, but he’s an amazing role model for kids. Specifically, the Dick Grayson iteration of Robin. This particular Robin suffered a similar fate as Batman when his parents were cut short in their prime.

Since then he's used his keen intellect and superior athletic abilities to fight crime! Sounds like Batman, right? You might be asking, “Why not just put Bats on here?”

Well the truth is, Batman is far too dark nowadays whereas Robin is a more fitting, kid-friendly role model. He also has a lot in common with youngsters since his age usually varies from around 12-18 years old. He's street-smart, book-smart, and brave. Kids could really look up to the boy wonder!



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