Two-rrific super-dads – A tribute to fathers of twins

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As more and more fathers take their roles seriously, on this Father’s Day, let’s stop ignoring and start appreciating fathers’ contributions to parenting. Here, Pooja Bakhshi, a mum of 3-year-old twins, pays a tribute to all the super-dads out there.

fathers of twins

Read on for a special tribute to all Super Dads, especially fathers of twins!

Fathers of twins are, in my opinion, an ignored breed. While most mums of multiples get more attention than they want, need or deserve, hardly anyone gives a second thought to the dads.

As a mother of twins myself, I’ve experienced everything from being asked embarrassing / annoying questions from complete strangers, to people stopping the stroller to snap pictures of the twins.

But above all, almost everyone I meet (except parents of multiples of course) is filled with awe, admiration, respect or, sometimes, even pity for me. It is automatically assumed that I do all the work, and that cannot be farther from the truth.

Batman vs Robin (aka Mum vs Dad)

fathers of twins

It is common for fathers of twins to share the parenting load with mums these days.
Here, my Super Dad is seen with our twins.

3 years ago, when I gave birth to the twins, I automatically became a ‘superhero.’ My husband, unfortunately, was not awarded that status. He is seen as more of a sidekick – the Robin to my Batman.

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the superhero status. In fact, I’ve been known to play the Batman card on occasion, when my husband and I couldn’t agree on something related to the twins.

But in all fairness to my husband, he is more than a sidekick — he is, in fact, an almost equal partner in all things parenting.

fathers of twins

Mu husband makes it a point to spend time with the kids, so that I get some time off too!

When our twins were newborns, he prepared their milk bottles, fed them, bathed them and rocked them. He woke up at night and changed his fair share of poopy diapers.

Think twins and that is almost as much work as the mother of a singleton might do!

Now that the twins are older, my husband spends every evening with them, right till he tucks them into bed. Almost every Sunday, he wakes up early with them and takes them out for their favourite breakfast of pancakes, so that I can sleep in.

He might spend fewer hours with the twins than I do, but that little detail doesn’t change the fact that he is a great dad.

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