12 most stylish kids on Instagram right now

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Meet the latest fashionable kids who are lighting up our social media feeds with stylish cuteness

True style is timeless and it doesn’t really have an age limit.

Social media has become the playground of fashion bloggers and enthusiasts who just get better and better at sharing their style and individuality.

But lately, it seems, a new breed of fashion-lovers has been emerging—and they’re no more than three feet tall.

These stylish kids (and their parents) are taking their rightful place on social media and are teaching other parents to do the same.

Find out how to cop the style of these mini-fashion gurus for your own kids!

The Glam Girl

Haileigh, 7, takes glam to a whole new level with her giant sunglasses and oversized fur coats. Follow @hails_world

Effortlessly Stylish

Three-year-old Rylee’s style staples? Black booties and sunglasses.

For more of Rylee’s relaxed fashion, follow her mom @kelli_murray.

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