Plan for a stress-free delivery by taking care of these 5 things!

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Planning for confinement, CDA, and cord blood banking in the third trimester will help you have a stress-free delivery. Presented by POSB.

The third trimester marks the final leg of pregnancy before the delivery. Your bub would start growing rapidly, and you will feel all his excitement in the kicks and sudden turns! His excitement to see the outside world would be evident in his hiccups, the tiny movements you would feel daily. It is one of the best feelings in the world!

It is also the time when you start getting ready for the months to come. There is a lot to be done, and all these things added to the return of fatigue give all mums varying degrees of stress. Every parent will tell you that the key to a stress-free third trimester is to be ready for the delivery! Indeed, an excellent way to beat this stress is to anticipate and plan!

Here are the five things you should do as soon as the third-trimester starts and your stress would be reduced a lot by the time your baby arrives!

1# Select a suitable maternity package

Most of the hospitals would offer a maternity/delivery package in the last trimester. This includes the type of ward you can choose, the duration of stay and the type of delivery.

The biggest advantage of the package is that you get an estimate of the expenses and plan ahead! If you need to make some provisions for the delivery, you have some time to do so. Believe me, when I say, planning is a great way to reduce the last minute stress.

2# Read more about Child Development Account (CDA)

Child Development Account (CDA) is a fantastic product where the Government matches your savings dollar-for-dollar of what you deposit in this account, depending on the birth order of your child. But that is not all! POSB offers a free Grab ride and 2% p.a. rate of interest on the POSB Smiley CDA account balance, which is linked to a POSB Baby Bonus NETS Card. The savings in this account can then be used for educational and healthcare expenses of your child at approved institutions.

There are a lot of discounts you can enjoy by using the Baby Bonus NETS card. For instance, you get 10% off online purchases on clothing collections at Mothers en Vogue, or S$100 off your purchase of a 21-days or 28-days dual meal plan for your Confinement food at The Natal Kitchen.

A POSBkids savings account will also be opened for you when you take up the POSB Smiley CDA. You can start saving early for your child’s education and other future expenses. Find out more about POSB Smiley CDA account here.

Do research this and enrol when you are eligible. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your newborn!

3# Enlist some help for taking care of the newborn

Many parents manage the pregnancy and the post-natal care on their own. But the beauty of close-knit families is that the new grandparents are happy to come over and help if they are not already staying with you.

That said, you would need to make some changes in your existing help. You can do so by educating your current domestic help in the ways you want the baby to be handled. Your parents can take a refresher course in taking care of the baby as well! Most of the hospitals offer free lectures on breastfeeding, bathing, burping and swaddling the baby.

Utilise this time to plan for the confinement. Your husband would also play an active role in taking care of the newborn. Discuss with him what you expect from him. This way, you are relaxed for the delivery!

Read on for more tips to reduce stress!

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