'Who Are You!' Employer Catches Intruder In Bed With Indonesian Maid

'Who Are You!' Employer Catches Intruder In Bed With Indonesian Maid

This was apparently not the first time the man has been over their home.

Puzzled as to why their helper had not gotten up to prepare breakfast as usual, her Singaporean employer opened her room door only to be greeted by an unexpected sight — the woman curled up in bed with an intruder.

The 32-year-old female employer, surnamed Wang, contacted Lianhe Wanbao on Tuesday (Dec 21) to share her horrifying experience with their Indonesian maid, whom they’d just employed in November.

Wang and her husband live in a condominium unit located in Bukit Timah, along with their three daughters aged two, four and six, as well Wang’s mum. 

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Wang said: “She had worked for another family for two years, so we hired her because we felt that she was experienced.”

Wang recounted that on the day of the incident on Dec 8, the couple noticed that their helper was still not up by 7am as she normally would.

Thinking that she might have overslept, Wang’s husband went to wake her up.

“She would normally wake up at 6am to prepare breakfast, but that day she was still in bed at 7. When my husband opened the door to wake her however, he got a fright instead!”

Wang shared that her husband saw a man lying next to the Indonesian woman, and he was clad only in a pair of boxer shorts. Wang’s husband immediately snapped awake and shouted, “Who are you!” before calling the police.

When police arrived, they interrogated the man, a Bangladeshi national, and their helper, but worse news was to come. The Indonesian woman confessed to police that it wasn’t the first time that the man had been to the house.

Said Wang: “She admitted that for two weeks, she had been bringing the Bangladeshi man home to spend the night!”

Wang added that the police had found packets of condoms in the man’s bag, many of which had already been opened. A search of the maid’s room also turned up oral contraceptives. 

Who Are You! Employer Catches Intruder In Bed With Indonesian Maid

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Wang believed that the helper would wait till the wee hours of the night when everyone was asleep to sneak her lover into the home, making sure that he left before daybreak.

Wang also postulated that the couple’s nightly routine was uncovered because of Wang’s brother who decided to stay over that night.

“That night, my brother was up late till about 3am watching football and she must have been waited for him to go to bed before she let her boyfriend in. Maybe because of the ‘late start’, they overslept and got caught.”

After the police left with the Bangladeshi man, Wang and her husband also asked their helper to pack her bags before taking her to the agency. There, Wang’s husband stressed that they would like the maid to be repatriated instead of being transferred to another employer. 

“Her behaviour was irresponsible and if she’s transferred, no one can guarantee that the same thing won’t happen.”

This article was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

Lead image source from Lianhe Wanbao.


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Who Are You! Employer Catches Intruder In Bed With Indonesian Maid

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