Man confesses to raping and killing 9 children: How do we keep our kids safe?

Man confesses to raping and killing 9 children: How do we keep our kids safe?

The man raped and killed his victims in four different cities across India...

Our news-feeds are often afloat with stories of rapists, with more than a few emerging from Asian countries. These stories of rapists truly open our eyes to the need for harsh punishments for these criminals, and at the same time, the necessity for women and young girls to know how to protect themselves.

The most recent among these stories of rapists involves one paedophile murderer, and nine helpless victims — all little girls. To say we are furious and heartbroken is putting it mildly.  

Stories of rapists: Young man admits to raping and murdering girls

On 21 November 2018, Indian police made a disturbing announcement. An unemployed man, aged 20, had admitted to raping and murdering over nine girls in India’s capital city, New Delhi. They said he preyed on three- to seven-year-old victims, spanning three more cities the past two years.

The predator admitted to his crime after he was arrested on Monday. He was accused of raping and murdering a girl, aged three, on the 11th of November in one of India’s slums.

Subhash Boken is the assistant sub-inspector of police and is a public relations officer with local police. He explains how the culprit committed his crimes. “He used to first break the legs of the victims before attempting rape. Then, he would murder them,” says Boken.

On Tuesday, 20 November 2018, a court gave police the authority to detain the paedophile (who lacked a lawyer to represent him) for eight days, says Boken.

stories of rapists

Stories of rapists sexually assaulting children and women are common in cities in India (especially Delhi). (Image for illustration purposes only). | Image Source: Stock Photo.

Stories of rapists: How the man did it

Police have connected three incidents of dead kids to the rapist’s confession and are examining more, says Boken.

Of the nine victims, four were in Delhi, and the other five were in three other cities.

The 20-year-old paedophile had no full-time job. His only job was being a labourer when he could find work. He would eat at community kitchens — and it was at these places that he would target his young victims. 

Reportedly, the predator would first single out young girls who came to get food at community kitchens. Then, he’d give them candy or money, and finally kidnap them.

According to the police, the man was detained in a different state from his last crime. His latest assault was in another state where he visited his sister, who resided in the same slum as the victim. 

Priti Mahara, an official representative from child rights organisation CRY, said that “it is very unfortunate that such cases are still happening in India, despite the government framing a law and approving the death penalty for rape.”

stranger danger

Have you taught your kids what to do if a stranger approaches them? Image Source: Stock Photo

Tips to keep your daughters safe from sexual predators

For younger girls (below five years old)

  • Tell your children to never accept gifts, money or candy from strangers.
  • Teach your children where they can ask for help, such as in trusted local stores or the homes of family friends in the neighbourhood.
  • If you happen to be inside a shopping mall, tell your child where the information counter is (usually located in the lobby or first floor) and instruct your child to always go there should she get lost.
  • Always remember your child’s location and ensure that they know your phone number should she need to call you.

Most importantly…

Tell your little one to remember “No, Go, Yell, Tell!” if someone they don’t know:

  • asks them to follow them or to disobey you
  • tries to touch your child inappropriately
  • or if he makes your child feel uncomfortable in any way

 Teach your little one to say NO, go and run away, yell as loud as she can, and tell a trusted adult about what happened.

Teach your child that they should do any of the above if they meet any of the following scenarios:

  • that they are being stalked or followed
  • a stranger asks her to enter a car or follow him somewhere. 
  • a stranger goes to your child in a local area, such as a park, and asks for their help to search for something he lost.
  • somebody in the local neighbourhood who your child hasn’t ever interacted with, invites them into his/her house for food, to show them something, or offer sweets and money.
  • someone they know, usually an adult, does any of these: touches them inappropriately, makes her feel bad or uncomfortable in any way. Remember: according to experts say, most of the time abusers are well known to their victims.

Tips for self defense for older kids (five years old and above):

1. Never travel alone. Tell your older kid to never roam or wander off by themselves, particularly at night. If you can’t accompany them, tell them to at least have a friend or trusted adult nearby. 

2. Avoid dark and quiet spots. Do teach your kids not to slip into dark alleys or quiet roads without people. Instead, always stick to bustling, well-lit streets equipped with CCTVs monitoring the area.

3. Don’t fight – always prioritise running away or shouting for help first. Should your child face potential danger, teach them to scream for help or try and run away first. They should never interact or fight with the potential assailant.

4. Teach your kids some self defense techniques. Consider enrolling your child in self-defense classes. Learning to kick a man where it hurts, or escaping a grip can possibly really save their lives. 

Source: Reuters

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