Staying connected even when working

Staying connected even when working

Hey, working mom! Do you still have time to keep in touch with your kids? Take time to read these tips first before you run along.


Working in an office eight hours a day for five or six days a week can make a working mother very busy.  There is a tendency to forego talking and connecting with the kids. But this is one thing she should not do.  A mother has to find ways in order to keep in touch with her kids everyday regardless of the numerous tasks she has to accomplish. Giving attention to her kids is first and foremost in her daily to-dos list. So, what can you do as a  working mum? Here are five ways to keep in touch with your kids despite your busy schedule.

  1. Make use of gadgets and technology to talk with your child or to see what he or she has been doing. If your child is old enough and is already going to school, you can buy her or him a mobile phone through which you can talk to each other when he or she is in school. If you cannot call, you can send a text message to which he or she can reply. If he or she is still young, you can set up a webcam at home which you can attach to the internet to see how your child is doing. Social media networks such as Facebook can be very useful to update you with what is happening to your child especially when he or she is studying some place else or when you are on travel. Emails and Skype are also helpful in keeping in touch constantly.  Parents and children in this digital age are really fortunate to have gadgets and technology as tools to communicate with each other. Unlike in the past when there were no telephones, mobile phones, computers, cameras, webcams and internet. So, make use of all these to communicate to your child.
  2. Schedule a specific time everyday when you can connect with your child. This could be a time when you are having a lunch break in the office and your child who is in school has no classes. When you are at home, forget about work. Instead, focus on giving all your attention to your child. You can talk with him or her while preparing meals or doing household chores. Make these as your bonding moments. Help him or her finish her assignments or explain to him or her something that he or she cannot understand in class.
  3. Assign a special place in the house where you and your child can leave notes or anything for each other. This special place can be a box on a table or a board attached to the wall where you place a note or a letter for your child especially if he or she can read. The note or letter may be about anything you want to tell your child. This is also where your child can leave a reply to your note or letter. This is recommended for those mothers and children who have become very busy with their individual lives yet still take time to connect with each other daily.
  4. Communicate with child care providers or teachers. You can do this when your child is still young to have a mobile phone or when the school does not allow students to bring one at school. If you should make a call to your child’s teacher, it should be brief and it should be during the time when there are no classes or activities. If your child is at home with a babysitter, ask a few things about what your child is doing, and what she has eaten, or give instructions, etc.
  5. Set aside days off from work as family days. Do not bring your paper works or office work at home during off days. Do not also go to the office when your supposed to be on a day off. Set those days only for your kids and your family. You have already spent five or six days a week in the office, it would not be fair to your child if you still work for the remaining days of the week. Your days off is a time when you can sit, relax and enjoy with your children.


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Karen Mira

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