Freedom from Specs: Correct and Control your child’s myopia without glasses!

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With Orthokeratology, your child can control myopia without any vision correction aids

Did you know that Singapore is #1 in the world in the prevalence of short-sightedness in children between ages 7 to 9^? Myopia is a real problem many children face in this school-going age as it affects performance. No wonder, it is one of the biggest worries for many parents.

Meet Claris. She has been diagnosed with Myopia since she was 7 years old and has been using glasses ever since. But which child likes to wear glasses all the time? Claris did not like her glasses much. So, she would end up wearing them only when she was at school.

child wearing eye glasses

As she had not been wearing her glasses consistently, her myopia worsened. Today, Claris is not troubled any more, nor is her mother. She has found the perfect solution to control her myopia; and best of all, without having to wear glasses during the day!

Amazed? Well, we can’t wait to tell you about OCUVIQ®Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) lenses.

You heard that right: lenses, as in contact lenses, for kids! You may not be a believer now, but wait until you hear the whole story. And with myopia control, greater effectiveness is achieved with early intervention.

What are OCUVIQ® Ortho-K lenses?


OCUVIQ® Ortho-K lenses are specially designed gas permeable (GP) contact lenses for wear during sleep.

To explain, let us give you a quick tour of your kid’s eye. Light passes through the cornea and is converged further by the lens to form a sharp image on the retina.

In myopia, the shape of the eyeball changes in such a way that the images from afar end up being focused IN FRONT of the retina instead of being focused ON it. Therefore, it is called short-sightedness. Images that are near focus correctly on the retina and the near vision is sharp.

Spectacles and traditional contact lenses help by converging the light in such a way that the images from afar end up falling on the retina correctly. That is why the power of the lens differs even from one eye to another.

What innovations like OCUVIQ® Ortho-K do is improve the curvature of the cornea overnight in such a way that your kid won’t need to wear spectacles at all! This therapy is known as Orthokeratology.

To state the benefits right away,

  • It is a non-surgical procedure
  • The lenses act when your kid is asleep, so no need to wear any eyewear during the day!
  • It is suitable for kids and adults alike

Here are some more benefits of using OCUVIQ® Ortho-K lenses.


What is this revolutionary technology? Read on to find out...

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