WATCH: Kid shows us how quickly Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola rots our teeth

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If you needed more proof to kick your soda habit, here you go

Most of us already know that soda is bad for our teeth. But do you know exactly how bad? Tom Scott of Things You Might Not Know teamed up with young YouTuber Chase Wiley (of ScienceC) to see how fast Mountain Dew and Coke rots teeth.

Scott said that Chase had sent him the best pitch he had ever received: “Hi Tom, I’ve got 2 of my sister’s teeth dissolving in soda.” Here’s how he conducted his experiment.

Chase confessed that he loves Mountain Dew, but that didn’t stop him from starting an investigation on its effects on teeth.

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He soaked two of his sister’s molars in soda for three weeks, and compared the effects

Chase found that the Mountain Dew tooth lost 14% of its mass, while the tooth soaked in Coca-Cola lost just 7% of its mass (though it ended up significantly stained).

Mountain Dew has a pH of 3.1 while Coca-Cola has a pH of 2.4—if you forgot your basic chemistry, that means that Coke is more acidic. You’d think that Coke would do more damage, but the results revealed that Mountain Dew is, in fact, worse for your teeth. How? Watch the video below to see Chase’s explanation:

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