10 Nutritious Snacks That Can Boost Your Kids' Height

10 Nutritious Snacks That Can Boost Your Kids' Height

Studies have shown that nutrition plays a huge role in determining height. These height-boosting snacks are easy to fix for your kids!

Next to genes, good nutrition is the biggest factor in ensuring your kids grow up tall and healthy. According to Scientific American, as much as 40% of individuals' height differences occurs thanks to nutrition and other environmental factors.

Vertically-gifted people definitely have it easier at life — studies have shown that tall people are likely to be happier and more successful. If you'd like to help your kids reach their full height potential, here are some yummy and healthy snacks they'll love. 

1) Hard-boiled eggs

10 Nutritious Snacks That Can Boost Your Kids' Height

In a study of Ecuadorian infants aged 6-9 months, researchers found that children who ate an egg everyday were at 47% less risk of stunting than those who did not. Turns out that an egg a day can keep the growth-retardation monster away!

Besides hard-boiled eggs, there's really no limit to the number of ways you can serve up them up. Sunny-side-up, fried, soft-boiled, scrambled — your picky eaters will never get tired of having eggs everyday!

2) Soya beancurd

Protein-rich soyabeans are a great height-boosting food — according to Scientific American, protein is the most important nutrient for children's final height. A cool bowl of soya beancurd will make a refreshing treat for your kids on a hot afternoon. 

3) Tuna sandwiches

Light tuna is an excellent source of protein and usually found canned. Spread it on toast for a classic yet tasty snack. 

4) Mixed nuts

10 Nutritious Snacks That Can Boost Your Kids' Height

Almonds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, peanuts, cashews... these protein-packed nuts make for a crunchy and fuss-free nibble between meals. For an even healthier option, look out for nuts labelled as unsalted. 

5) Peanut butter crackers

Depending on the kind you get, peanut butter can pack a serious protein punch. Check the nutritional labels for the high-protein kind, and spread the nutty goodness on crackers, toast, or even pancakes. 

6) Yoghurt

Calcium helps to maximise bone growth — it's particularly important for your kids' growing bones! Yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt, is chock-full of calcium and protein.   

7) Fresh-squeezed orange juice

10 Nutritious Snacks That Can Boost Your Kids' Height

Not all calcium needs to come from dairy products — oranges are a surprisingly good source. As a bonus, they are also rich with other essential nutrients, like vitamin D and A. Squeeze out some fresh from the peel, or buy the calcium-fortified kind in cartons.  

8) Bubur cha-cha

Studies have shown that Vitamin A supplementation is highly effective in enhancing children's height growth.

Sweet potatoes are a potent source of Vitamin A, and one of our most popular local desserts is loaded with them. Dice up those yellow, orange, and purple cubes for a homemade treat!

9) Goat cheese sandwiches

Goat cheese is one of the most Vitamin A-rich cheeses out there, though cheddar and camembert also come close. You can spread it on bread or dip cherry tomatoes in the creamy mix.

10) Mango smoothie

10 Nutritious Snacks That Can Boost Your Kids' Height

This sweet fruit is beloved by kids everywhere — it's also high in Vitamin A! Simply put frozen mango and equal amounts of milk in a blender for a delicious and healthy drink. 

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