Snacks for kids – 140 mums share when, why and what?

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Are you a first-time mum or a mum who's unsure of what snacks she should be feeding her child? If yes, then read this to know more about snacks for kids.


Keep your children happy and active by providing them with balanced meals and nutritious snacks.

As a mum with young kids, your life is nothing short of hectic – they’re constantly on the go and have you running around every day! The thing is, you don’t really mind because active kids and a house full of laughter means your kids are happy and well.

It’s important that you maintain their cheerful disposition by feeding them a balanced meal 3 times a day, by ensuring they drink plenty of water and by giving them vitamins. You should also make it a point to give them nutritious snacks so that they’d have a steady source of energy.

However, because parenting does not come with a manual, you may often find yourself wondering if you’re feeding your kids the right snacks or if you’re giving it to them properly. If this sounds like you, then fret no more mums! theAsianparent has recently come out with a survey on mums and their little one’s snacking habits. The survey is sure to give you plenty of insights as to when and why mums gives snacks and what mums look for when choosing snacks for kids.


When should you give your kids snacks? 

The survey goes on to share that mums also give snacks when:

  • their kids wake up from a nap,
  • they’re out with family and friends,
  • mum is running errands or is shopping and
  • when mum and dad are eating their meals.

When out and about, 53% of mums give their kids a snack to keep them calm and occupied. Other occasions where mums provide nutritious snack for their kid to munch on, includes after nap time for an energy boost and also during dinner time. This is because while kids often eat earlier than mum and dad, some mums still have them sit at the table with a light snack so that everyone can enjoy a family meal together.

Why should you give your kids snacks? 

According to the survey, there are 2 main reasons as to why mums give their kids snacks: (1) for kids ages zero to 24 months, snacks help develop their fine motor skills and encourage self-feeding. On the other hand, (2) for kids ages 23 to 36 months, it provides them with an energy boost between meals.