Sleeping on your back during pregnancy might increase the risk for stillbirth

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A study has found that sleeping on your back during pregnancy can have a lot of negative effects on your unborn child.

A recent study has found that lying on your back during your pregnancy might increase the risk of stillbirth.

Lying on your back decreases oxygen flow to the baby

Doctors have been telling pregnant women to avoid lying on their backs during pregnancy, as it can cause backaches, breathing problems, and low blood pressure. However, a recent study has found that it can also increase a pregnant woman’s risk of stillbirth.

The study showed that when a mother lies down on her back during sleep, the oxygen supply to the baby is decreased; they hypothesize that it might be compressing the veins from the baby that bring back the blood to the mother’s heart. Professor Peter Stone, a researcher, adds: “We suspect that many mothers and babies can cope with the lowered oxygen supply, but some do not.”

A lowered oxygen supply might cause the baby to die from lack of oxygen.

Babies can actually adapt to the changes

The researchers were surprised at the results of their research as they found that lying for only 30 minutes at a time changes fetal activity.

He adds, “Thus, we were surprised about how even a normal baby made adaptations quite quickly to what was likely to be reduced placental blood flow and therefore oxygen in that position.”

While the babies do adapt to the changes, it’s important to note that other babies with underlying conditions might not adapt as well, which could increase the chances of a stillbirth.

They’re also planning to conduct future research as to how other sleeping positions directly affect pregnancy.

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