Skip a trip to the salon- dump glitter on your hair!

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Plan to sparkle during the upcoming festive season? Get creative (and stand out) with the latest hair trend- glitter roots! We promise, you'll be keep heads turning.

First we heard about glitter lips, then it was hiding your under eye circles with glitter. And now, the latest hair fashion trend taking the internet by storm is… glitter roots!

Yes, you heard us right. People are dumping glitter onto their roots- all in the name of fashion.



Anyone who has crafty little girls who love to use glitter will know this- this stuff is so difficult to get rid of. One craft project, and for the next 7 days, you’ll have a glimmer and a sparkle somewhere… and everywhere!

So, what’s this about putting it on your head?

The trick to its glittery greatness isn’t so much about dumping a load of sparkle onto your head and calling it a day. It’s a precise application directly on the roots and spreading the glitter no more than an inch away from your part. Sometimes it’s fine, concentrated lines of glitter. Other times, it’s a load of sparkles.



It can also be a tasteful sprinkling of the sparkly stuff, as seen above.

Well, we really love it. The fast approaching festive season screams glitz and glamour, and this trend fits the bill just perfectly and is actually fairly easy to achieve.

Apart from being eye-catching. this trend is also perfect if you haven’t had time to visit the hairdressers in a while to touch up your roots.

Read on to know what other women think about this hot new trend.

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