This teacher greets her students with special handshakes and hugs every single day!

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What are some skills of a good teacher? Check out how this teacher welcomes students into her class with special handshakes and hugs!

What exactly are the skills of a good teacher? Remember how we used to dread being scolded or caned by our teachers in school? And hoped that our little ones wouldn’t have to go through the ordeal as well? Well, throw away the cane, and get ready for the handshake. For here is a teacher who greets her students with special handshakes, and hugs them all, with a super sweet smile on her face. Every. Single. Day. 

She demonstrates the skills of a good teacher

The teacher in question is from Thailand, and her video was first uploaded on Facebook by Thai News channel, Channel 8. 

This angel in disguise gives special, customised, elaborate handshakes to each of her students.

skills of a good teacher

And as my 8-year-old daughter excitedly squealed, “She can even dab!”

There comes the dab!

As she goes through the handshake, you can hear her counting up to 13 in Thai, English and Chinese, and ending with “Sawadee ka!”, “Ni Hao! or “Good Morning!”. The child is given a hug before being sent into the class.

This teacher’s cheerful way of welcoming students into her class is bound to wake up even the sleepiest of children! We think it’s great for some early morning hand-eye coordination as well!

And for children who are not used to the speed of her greeting, she patiently slows down until they get it right.

All the fun and charm seems to be infectious, considering how the kids are seen fighting to be next in queue!

Seeing is believing, really, so do watch the video below (which by the way, has now gone viral)! Now, who wants to go back to school? 😉

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