7 skills your child should master by preschool

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Foundations for success are laid early on. Here’s how you can help your child be one step ahead right from the start!

Our children grow faster than we can keep up with!

We find ourselves buying new shoes and new clothes constantly, as our little ones sprout up. As fast as our children seemingly grow before our eyes, it’s important to note that during this time, they’re also growing mentally.

While we really cannot impact their physical growth much – apart from making sure that they get the right nutrition and enough physical exercise – there is actually a lot that we parents can do to help the cognitive and emotional development of our children.

Here are some of the skills that your children should have mastered (with your help of course!) by the time they’ve reached preschool.

This is the time of tremendous social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of your child. Remember, the seemingly simple skills mastered at this age will set your child up for a lifetime of learning and success.

#1 Be independent with basic self-care skills

By the time your child is ready to start preschool, he should be independent and able to perform some basic self-care skills such as washing hands, wearing clothes with simple fastenings, opening simple boxes, wiping nose, covering mouth while coughing, and zipping up his backpack.

Do remember, that your child may need occasional assistance from you.

#2 Know their manners

Start teaching manners early, so that your child knows how to say please, thank you, and excuse me at the appropriate moments by the time he starts preschool. It demonstrates that your child can show respect and consideration for others. The correct use of these polite phrases also shows that your child understands basic social cues.

In addition, he should be able to greet others (or respond to others’ greetings) and have table manners.

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