Looking for a me time activity? Here’s a simple and convenient way to pamper yourself

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We all agree that me time is far and few between once you’ve become a mum. So once it comes around, a guilty pleasure is definitely in order. Are you a K-Drama fan, finally with some time on your hands? Read on to find out how the Singtel Cast app can provide you (and your child) with lots of entertainment!

Whether you’re a new mum who finds herself attached to a little warm body and stuck at home all day, a stay-at-home mum who braves through each day running after her kids, cooking and cleaning her home; or a working mum who’s had a rough day in the office returning home to begin her ‘second shift’ as a parent – we totally agree when you say me time is hard to come by.

So what’s there to do with little pockets of time to unwind and pamper yourself during your daily commute to and from work or after a long day?

The answer: Entertainment anytime, anywhere with Singtel Cast

That’s right. Watch your favourite shows on Singtel Cast, an all-in-one, convenient streaming app that you can use anytime and anywhere. And Singtel has great news for hardcore K-Drama fans, or someone who simply enjoys watching Asian TV shows.

They’ve partnered with Viu to give you unlimited downloads of your most loved Korean and Japanese shows, and in full HD too!


Watch On The Way To The Airport on Viu Premium at Singtel Cast

There’s no better way to spend your downtime than with Jealousy Incarnate, or reminiscing your pre-child romantic and heart-fluttering moments with some of Korea’s hottest celebrities from the highly rated reality variety programme We Got Married. If you’re like many others who are into wacky quests and hilarious antics, there’s the ever-popular game show Running Man.


Watch SpongeBob Squarepants on Kids pack on Cast

And what if you’re a mum who’s simply looking for a source of entertainment for your kid, or an activity for both of you to bond over? There are some pretty awesome favourites like Paw Patrol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., as well as games from the Emmy award-winning Nickelodeon Play app to choose from! Children can also learn Mandarin in fun and engaging ways via educational Chinese cartoons from Miao Mi Classroom.


Watch Miao Mi Classroom on Kids pack on Cast

On the Singtel Cast app, there’s definitely a great show waiting for whatever mood you find yourself in. You can also turn screen time for your kids into a fun and interactive activity. What’s more, unlike many other sites where your child may delve into inappropriate content, the Kids Pack is a safe app for children where they can surf without supervision.

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