7 homemade Singaporean sweet treats to cool off your kids

It's getting hotter, and the kids are craving a cool treat. These simple recipes for our favourite Singaporean desserts will do the trick!

In sunny Singapore, we are always in need of something to cool us down. It gets worse around the June period, with our kids on holiday and fussing about the humid house. 

Here are some sweet treats you can whip up to beat the heat. These recipes are so easy that the kids can probably help out too!

1) Ice Kachang

Nothing beats this traditional childhood sweet treat — it’s great for sharing and the icy cold spoonfuls slide right down the throat! This easy recipe calls for condensed milk, syrup, agar-agar and, of course, lots of shaved ice. 

Get the full recipe by Singapore Local Favourites here

2) Mango pudding

(Image Credit: Ann Coo Journal)

Who doesn’t love the silken coolness of mango pudding? Mango season is in full swing in Singapore, making this a fantastic post-meal dessert for the family. 

Get the full recipe by Ann Low here

3) Tau huay

Image Credit: Budgetpantry

Served cold, tau huay or soya beancurd pudding is a silky-smooth way to beat the heat! 

Singaporeans have pretty much agreed that Lao Ban is the best tau huay store out there, and this recipe allows you to achieve something similar. Soyabean milk, Nestle Coffeemate Powder, and jelly powder are all you need. 

Get the full recipe by Budgetpantry here

4) Cheng Tng 

(Image Credit: Recipes R Simple)

Your kids can chill out with this healthy sweet treat, made with wholesome ingredients like barley, white fungus and gingko nuts. The cooling properties of these goodies also add to the effect of the shaved ice! 

Get the full recipe by Recipes R Simple here

5) Chendol 

(Image Credit: The Wong List)

This delicious pandan dessert makes for a refreshing drink on a sultry afternoon. Kids are guaranteed to love this sweet blend of gula melaka, coconut milk and shaved ice. This recipe doesn’t call for red beans, so toss them in if you like!

Get the full recipe by Russel Wong here

6) Honey grass jelly 

(Image Credit: My Wok Life)

With its cooling properties, chilled grass jelly is just the thing when the heat hits. The herbal jelly is soothing for the throat, but may taste slightly bland to your kids. This recipe allows you to sweeten it up with honey and nata de coco.  

Get the full recipe by My Wok Life here.

7) Homemade Slurpees

(Image Credit: Mandy’s Recipe Box)

7-11 Slurpees are a classic favourite with kids — who hasn’t gotten a brain freeze from one of these? To make your own, simply blend together Kool-Aid, soda, sugar, and ice!

Get the full recipe by Mandy’s Recipe Box here

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