Here are the Singaporean mums that you should follow on Instagram right now

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These amazing Singaporean mums manage to juggle work and family, and also find time to stay absolutely gorgeous!

Here are the Singaporean mums that you should follow on Instagram right now! 

At this day and age of social media, mummy inspiration don't just come from the small and big screens anymore. And nope, we're not talking about Google, it's Instagram! With pictures on what to eat, where to go and what to do, these Instagram mummies are definitely what you need to have on your feed. Oh, let's not forget about their adorable baby pictures!

Here are the best Instagram accounts of Singaporean mums that you should follow on Instagram right now.

1. Tammy Tay

Mummy of 2 Tammy Tay is the owner of popular blogshop OhSoFickle and is also a very famous lifestyle blogger in Singapore. She is just 24 years old and she had shocked many when she broke the news that she was pregnant with her firstborn, and that she wanted to be a single mum. This really ambitious lady is also an interior designer. Her feed is filled with pictures of her two kids, Elroy and Elliee.

2. May Wan

Former MTV VJ May Wan is a gorgeous mother of beautiful daughter, Siena and Leala. She also just celebrated her 35th birthday three weeks ago and posted a family photo with a caption: "My every being and my heart are these three souls right next to me." Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her daughters, family life, work and her bakes.

3. Venetia Stravens

Venetia is a professional make up artist and a beauty guru. And apart from being a wonderful mum to two adorable kids, she also takes the time for her two hobbies; painting and travelling. Her feed is filled with photos and videos of her make up works, her travels, her paintings, which we should add, are amazing, and of course, her family life.

4. Diah Mastura

Diah Mastura is a lifestyle blogger and mother of three girls, two being twins. She affectionately calls them her "Nadyas" as that is all of her daughters' first names. Oh, she's also currently 38 weeks pregnant! This gorgeous mummy posts pictures and videos on her Instagram of her blog, her everyday life, her family and yes, food.

5. Tjin Lee

Tjin Lee is the founder for Mercury PR and a gorgeous mum to two really handsome boys, Tyler and Jake. Her feed is filled with beautiful scenery shots, food, and her family. She also has a blog where she talks about lifestyle trends, family life and work.

6. Xiaxue

Xiaxue is known by many as a celebrity blogger. Her Instagram has a whopping 622k followers and is filled with her achievements, her blessed married life and of course, her wonderful son, Dash. Also, she regularly posts beautiful pictures of herself looking amazing. She also blogs about lifestyle trends, beauty, fashion and her family.

7. Jaime Teo

Jaime Teo is definitely a all rounded mum. As a Mediacorp actress, Twelve cupcakes founder and mummy of one, Jaime still manages to set aside time for her passions such as singing, yoga, and of course, her family. Jaime's feed is filled with new recipes for cupcakes and videos of her singing and keeping fit with her daughter and her husband, fellow artiste Daniel Ong.

8. Jen

Jen is a fitness enthusiast and a mother of three kids. Yes, three! This mum still manages to have an amazing body, which is probably the result of her really active lifestyle, and her constant yoga. I mean, where can you easily find a mum who can pull off a yoga pose while being 35 weeks pregnant? She also takes part in the Spartan Race Singapore. Pretty amazing, right?

9. Michelle Eng

Michelle Eng's Instagram is filled with pictures of her three daughters, Allyssa, Gemma and Faye. Gemma and Faye are also twins. The account depicts Allyssa's life as an older sister two the younger twins, and also the family's little adventures all around the island. Oh, they also have amazing fashion sense!

10. Aarika Lee

Wife to local musician, Lion City Boy, Aarika Lee is also a musician herself and a mother of two. She is also the owner for RMBR The Dress, which is a local dress loan company. Her feed is filled with really beautifully edited photos and videos of her really energetic and fun family, and also many many pictures of amazing food.

Mummies, do you follow any of the above Instagram accounts? Share your thoughts with us!

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Pavin Chopra