Singaporean cancer survivor’s baby is a true miracle

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"If I could advise anyone who is going through the same thing I did, I would tell them to have faith and not give up. Hannah is proof that miracles still exist in this world."

“You don’t know how much you want a baby until somebody tells you that you can’t have one.” – Madam Siti Nurjannah Sapiee

These are sad yet beautiful words of truth spoken by a brave Singaporean mother.

Madam Siti Nurjannah Sapiee, 32, has an incredible story that will no doubt touch every parent’s heart.

A double blow

In November 2009, according to The New PaperMdm Siti was preparing to celebrate the joyous occasion of her marriage. But she was dealt a double blow with the diagnoses of cancer and infertility.

She had synovial sarcoma of the thigh, which is “a rare cancer of the soft tissues that typically occurs near the large joints of the arms or legs.”

Mdm Siti was also told that the chemotherapy would possibly result in infertility. She told The New Paper, “The most heartbreaking thing to me was remembering that my fiance wanted three kids and I felt I couldn’t give him what he wanted.”

Because she wanted to focus on battling the cancer and looking into a way of possibly retaining her fertility, Mdm Siti postponed her wedding to November 2010.

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