Teacher started sexual relationship with student when she was just 13

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In this rare case where the predator was a teacher, he reportedly was involved in a sexual relationship with his young student that spanned years...

Teachers are our children’s mentors, advisors and guardians.

We entrust them with our kids while we are not there to watch them learn, play and grow. This sanctity of trust is, almost always, upheld to the maximum by our children’s teachers. It’s safe to say that they deserve our trust.

But recently, news reports highlighted one rare case in Singapore where a teacher breached this trust.

A case of child grooming?

According to The New Paper, this 30-year-old teacher started courting one of his students when she was just 13, and was reportedly with the underage student for the next five years, having sex with her in rented cars, hotel rooms and even in her own home.

The sexual acts were allegedly filmed by the teacher without the girl’s knowledge or consent.

The sexual predator even rented a room from the student’s mum, claiming that he needed a place to stay due to ongoing divorce proceedings. While he was in the house, reports say that he filmed the mum and daughter showering.

The student reportedly caught onto the acts when she was doing a cursory check to ensure that her teacher did not take any of her things when he moved out after approximately nine years.

She filed a police report then.

On Wednesday 9 December, the teacher pleaded guilty to having sex with an underage girl, as well as to secretly filming the girl and her mother in the shower. Identities of all parties are under a gag order to protect the victim’s identities

The two became close when the teacher was the girl’s history and English teacher back in 2003, when he offered a group of students free tuition in history.

The teacher came to know the girl’s mum while tutoring the student in maths and science at her home in the following year.

In Singapore, it is an offense for a man to have sex with a girl under the age of 16.

On the next page, important tips for parents to take note of in relation to the prevention of child sexual abuse.

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